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Engineering and Technical Professional Search Specialists

We provide search and recruiting services for prominent, high-growth companies that seek outstanding talent in the areas of Engineering  and Technical Professionals within a variety of industries. For over twenty-five years our client companies have depended on us to provide a wide array of expertise to meet recruitment requirements at all levels of their organizations. Our precision search services consistently recruit the right people for your organization in order to build a long-term relationship.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • We find the candidates that are hidden from you.  Over 90% of our candidates were happily employed when we contacted them
  • We rigorously pre-qualify to ensure that you see only the best possible candidates who match those values, attitudes, and personal characteristics of your company’s culture, manager, and team environment.
  • We help take the guesswork out of making offers, and help you craft an outstanding offer to ensure your selected candidate makes a favorable decision
  •  We help close the candidate of your choice and coach them through resigning their current position, rejecting counter offers, and having them show up to you on their start date.
  • Our process and methodology have a proven and successful 25 year track record

Your Success is Our Success

Only by acquiring the very best candidates currently working can your business achieve its true potential.  We have the methods and procedures to find these hidden treasures and ensure you have the opportunity to make them an offer.

Partnering together, using over 25 years of insights, contacts, and techniques, you will receive high quality personalized service throughout the process to ensure you acquire the top technical talent that you desire.


What technical talent does your company currently need?  Is a key employee retiring?  Are you expanding and need seasoned, proven professionals?  Let's find out what you need.

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