Client Testimonials

Dan M.

Natural Resources /Sr Project Manager – Environmental Consulting firm

     I have known George Martin (GM and Associates) for nearly 20 years now and I consider him to be in the top tier of the recruiting profession.  Quite simply – George delivers on his promises.  From the very beginning of the recruiting process, George ensures that he understands needs and objectives for identifying suitable employment candidates.  

     For a recent assignment that he performed for our firm, we asked George to identify candidates that would meet very specific criteria for an environmental consulting position.  We made previous attempts to identify suitable candidates for a number months without success and in a matter of 1 – 2 months George identified a candidate for our consideration.  

     What made this assignment more challenging is the fact that our firm is located in remote city (northeast) Texas.  Needless to say, because of our location and the very specific criteria for the position we knew that we needed a professional recruiter that would think outside the box and be able to present ideal candidates for our consideration.  

     George Martin did exactly that.  He was available to answer all of our questions during the recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes.  George also provided sage advice that only a highly experienced and successful recruiter could provide.  

     We are very pleased with the recruiting outcome and will not hesitate to hire George for future recruiting assignments.


Robert R.

Sr VP Technology/Business Process - High Tech Industry

     I have worked with George Martin for nearly a decade. Some of my best hires have been recruited by George. He takes the time to understand my resource needs, and he does extensive research before presenting a candidate to me. He understands that we are not interested another "warm body." This results in high quality matches and saves me time by reducing the number of candidates I must review. 

     While competitive with the myriad of recruiters in the marketplace, George delivers boutique service that sets him apart. 

Darren S.

Software Architect 

 I’ve worked with George for nearly 20 years now. He helped my software engineering group hire a number of top notch candidates, all of which provided many years of great service. We learned very quickly that George would bring us candidates that not only met our technical needs but would also be a good fit for our culture. He clearly took the time to learn about us as a company and not just shop any bodies he had out to us. More recently I’ve been working with George on finding a new career for myself and have found him to be spot on with his advice and a great coach for getting me excited about the next phase of my career. I have no doubts that he will lead me to success! 

David H.  

Director / High Tech ( Top 100 Global Brand Value Co – over $240B) 

 For over  twenty years plus, I’ve had the pleasure of working with George at GM and Associates both as a candidate and as an employer. I’ve been extremely impressed with his professionalism and the breath of his contacts. George is very engaging, dependable and has the highest level of integrity. He possesses a deep knowledge of the high- tech industry, engineers and technical professionals. He has  a wide network of well-qualified,  mid to senior level candidates from across a range of job disciplines. What I value the most is that he always listens and is never afraid to push back and provide insightful ideas to help fit the right candidate to our business. Having a partnership with GM and Associates has significantly improved our time-to-hire on several key, hard to find roles over the past 20 plus years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend George and GM and Associates when recruiting new technical staff or for anyone looking for a career change. 

Sam W.

Principle Software Engineer 

I have known George Martin for almost 20 years.  In that time, I have worked with George many times as a recruiter for open engineering positions in my organizations.  Across all those years, George has never wasted my time with unqualified candidates.  George always listens carefully to my needs, and only submits solid, high quality candidates...and successfully helped me acquire them.

I have also worked with George when I was seeking new opportunities.  George always helped me think clearly about what I wanted to do next and how best to prepare myself for the challenges of resume writing and interviewing.

George is an exemplary, hard-working, honest, professional who has earned my respect, trust, and friendship over a period of many years.

Dean A.

HR/Office Manager  - High Tech /SaaS Telecom 

 Our company has been working with George Martin / GM & Associates for the last six plus years.  He has provided recruitment services for all levels of positions within our organization, from managers, technical, as well as those hard to fill highly specialized technical positions.  We can always count on GM & Associates to provide high quality candidates, thoroughly screened, before he presents them to us for further evaluation.  GM & Associates does not simply “inundate” us with resumes for the sake of quantity, but instead thoroughly researches the candidate to make sure it is the “right fit” for the position before presenting.  George is always professional, straightforward, open, honest and respectful.

Harvey W.  

Sr Vice President/Quality Officer - High Tech 

 I've known George for close to twenty years and never hesitated ask him to help me fill any job openings I had. Most of the positions were technical in nature, usually in Engineering and Software development or Manufacturing. Whenever I had an opening, I could count on George to find the most qualified candidates for the position without having to sift through a stack of resumes. Typically, I could find the right person for the job from the few select candidates that he sent over. His easy-going manner and genuine interest in helping me find the right fit made working with him throughout the process a breeze. 


David E. C., PE, PS
Sr. VP / Principal, Transportation Design

 George Martin is a fantastic recruiter.  I’ve known George for nearly 10  years and he has helped me find high profile and quality Highway and  Bridge engineers for my organization.  His recruitment services have  helped my transportation  practice become very successful in the engineering industry.  He is  easy to work with and always has your best interest as his top  priority.  He really gets down in the weeds to understand your business  and looks for potential candidates that are a good fit  with what you are looking for as to experience and the culture of your  business.  What I like best about working with George is that he doesn’t  consider quantity of candidates, he looks at quality of the  candidates.  He only sends me the best and I like that, so it doesn’t waste my time weeding  through candidates that aren’t a good fit.  I highly recommend, if you  are looking to find that needle in the haystack of quality engineers,  George is the recruiter that can help you find and hire them. 


Keith B. (High Tech)

Altsys, Macromedia, Imagination Station, Quickoffice, Google 

I have known George Martin for more  than 20 years. He has helped me build teams at several companies  throughout the years. I think he is the best at not only finding quality  talent with the right technical skills but finding the right  fit with the team. In addition, he doesn't flood you with resumes but  instead does a quality screening of candidates and when he presents  multiple candidates you usually have a hard choice. He does this by  spending time up front not just understanding what  skills you are looking for but also what mindset and culture you will  be fitting the candidate into. All of this leads to a very professional  representation of your organization working with the candidates. George  is the first person I turn to when I need  to build a quality team.

Roy D. PhD, PE, CIH

Environmental Health & Safety 

 I  had the pleasure to work with George Martin for over ten years and  found him to be one of the best Talent Acquisition  Business Partners I have seen. George understands his Customer’s  business and their objectives, and then utilizes his skills to meet the  talent needs of his Customer. I have never worked with any talent  acquisition business partner that spends the time vetting  his potential candidates and working with me to determine the exact  needs of the position and the best possible candidate that is required.   George’s total commitment reduces the time and effort to bring on  successful candidates to make an immediate impact  for your company.   George provides a high level of screening and his  desire to understand every technical position requirement leading to  less time for you to fill your positions.”

George consistently used his abilities to close some very difficult  searches for specialized talent and I highly recommend George!  He has  always operated with the highest level of integrity, responsiveness, and  willing to go the extra mile.  You can trust  George to provide a total commitment to find the best fit for the  candidate and your company.  Finding the right fit for your position is  very difficult to accomplish, however, with George’s motivation and  ethical standards the process is streamlined.”

 George is very knowledgeable and effective in the field of technical  recruiting. He is driven, highly motivated and ethical in his business  dealings. I would not hesitate to rehire George for any of my technical  recruiting position needs.”

Candidate Testimonials

Kurt Z.  MBA, PMP

PMO Director - Telecom Industry

    George Martin is a seasoned and personable technical search consultant.  George has many years of honed experience that allows him to be best liaison between employer and candidate to find the right match.     

    George doesn’t have a corporate cookie cutter approach to recruiting, rather he has a personable tailored approach to each recruiting/search scenario to help find the best candidates in harmony with a no-nonsense approach of straight talk information that lets both the candidate and employer know if they’re a match.  And if not, George takes the time to explain why a certain candidate or potential employer are not the right fit.  

    In a world where too many recruiters simply just browse resumes, George differentiates himself by taking the time to know the candidate and employer and utilize his seasoned experience to enable both parties to make the best choices and have the best recruiting experience possible. 

James S.

Environmental Manager 

 I have known George for about 9 months now and he played an instrumental role in getting me into a new business opportunity when I needed it.  George was always very cordial and honest in all his dealings with me, and you could tell he was genuinely concerned about my wellbeing throughout the entire process.  George made it a point to not only discuss the potential opportunities in the positions we were looking at, but he but also kept me very well informed about the potential issues those opportunities might present as well.  It was obvious George is a very honest person and has a great amount of integrity and passion for what he does.  You will not regret your decision if you choose to have George help you in finding a new path or help you find a new employee for your technical staffing business needs. 

Manuel M.

Software Engineer 

 George is the best recruiter I have ever met without a doubt. He took the time to find out about my skill set and expectations in orderto get my dream job. It has been over two years since he placed me with my current employer, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Dave C, P.E. 

Sr PM /Civil-Transportation 

 I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with George Martin over the past 5 years.  George is passionate as a recruiter who goes above and beyond in his work with both employers and candidates.   He took the time to get to know me as a candidate and create a personal  profile of my professional and personal attributes.  In over 30 years  of working with career placement professionals, George is the only  technical recruiter who has taken the time to do that for me which led  to a successful placement for me.  I would highly recommend George (GM and Associates) to any employer or  job candidate for his professionalism and the passion he brings to his  clients for successful career placement.