Proven Methodology with 30 Years of Consistent Success

GM and Associates becomes an extension of your company because…

  • We ensure that the “best” candidates have been prescreened by your specifications before being presented to you. It is imperative that you educate us on not just the requirements, but “why they’d consider quitting their job and coming to work for you?”

  • We are experts in the recruiting process. We invest the time to learn what both you (our client) and the candidates’ needs are (tangible & intangible) for a healthy decision that allows both parties to feel they’ve made the right commitment.

  • We continually look to uncover additional information from both parties to avoid or minimize misunderstandings and help ensure everybody is on the same level regarding their expectations. 

  • Our participation allows us to monitor the process and keep it on-track and moving forward in a timely manner…. elongation of the process is usually not beneficial.

  • We assist in getting feedback from the candidates’ impressions on each interview. In most cases the candidate will disclose concerns they may have and share it them with us. Also, if you need us to ask some “particular questions” upfront or during the process…we can help obtain that information and give you that additional insight.

  • We save your management time by arranging each meeting, rescheduling, & obtaining confirmation to ensure good communications from start to finish. Utilize us as an added central resource that saves hours of effort on your managements part. 

  • Once you’ve selected a favorable candidate we start pre-closing and reevaluating their intentions…we check their pulse to see how they are reacting toward your opportunity?

  • We will assist your company in putting together an “outstanding offer through us” that assures your selected candidate will make a favorable decision in accepting it! Our input will help provide valuable information from a professional, outside perspective that helps you take the guess work out of the equation.

  • We provide coaching and guidance to the candidate to help prevent them from accepting a counter offer during this critical time during their resignation process; making sure they arrive at your door step on their start date.

  • Note:  Passive Candidates work for your competitors, have a great track record of top performance, and aren’t looking to change jobs…they are comfortable and content where they are. 

We must “work together” to convince this kind of top talent that your company has an outstanding opportunity for their career path in joining your team and company.  Offers must be competitive (both front & back end) for them to “make that leap of faith”. Lots of tangible and intangible information must be “sold “before an offer is even extended. The expertise of our President, George Martin, and his twenty- nine years as a search consultant will help you throughout the entire process in acquiring the right technical professional talent you desire.