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George Martin

On behalf of GM & Associates, I welcome you to learn more about our services and our organization by calling or emailing us directly. We provide a range of professional search services that have been carefully designed to meet the needs of different sized organizations seeking talented professionals. Our twenty years of business experience has produced our greatest asset, an in-depth network of professionals who assist us in fulfilling complex search assignments for large firms as well as for smaller, boutique organizations. All are seeking the right qualifications from the professionals who will grow their businesses. We take our role and our responsibilities as a trusted partner to deliver successful candidates very seriously and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your goals and requirements.

Our corporate philosophy, placing the precise candidate with the correct organization, has been developed in the process of providing the highest level of professional search services.

Our business model has always been simple: place the right candidate and client together and everyone wins! At the end of the process everyone is pleased with the decisions they made. That's how we built our business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and blog. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals.

George Martin
GM & Associates

What We Do

We work side-by-side with companies to define the required skill sets based upon state-of-the-art job descriptions and compensation requirements for key personnel that will help move the organization forward. We provide clients with hard-to-find, inaccessible talent to meet their organizations particular needs. Our ability to match successful candidate's track records with the companies that need them can build and rebuild profit centers, build a division, or to provide one key-hire at a time. Our clients depend on our discretion and professionalism to represent their organizations accurately with integrity.

What People Are Saying

GM & Associates is at the top of my list as the firm that can get it done when it comes to locating genuine and highly qualified Environmental candidates. In speaking from personal experience, George Martin understands exactly what his client's needs are and he gets right to the heart of the matter. It's plain and simple - GM & Associates realizes how important time is to their clients and when they identify candidates for consideration, you'll learn to appreciate what truly sets this firm apart from other personnel recruiting firms. George Martin is very passionate about his work, is a true professional, highly ethical and produces real results. I strongly recommend GM & Associates to those that need the assurance that they will receive the right attention and responsiveness for their personnel searches.

DM, Environmental Planning Manager - International Engineering & Environmental Consulting Firm

I have sought out George's help on many assignments over the years. Honestly, I haven't had the best of luck using outside recruiting help, but I always enjoy working with him.

He only brings me qualified applicants to consider and understands my firm well enough to "sell" the right things to the candidates. When I use George, I consider him an extension of my staff. Based on his extensive experience with a wide variety of companies, he's been able to bring to the table some innovative strategies for closing the deal that we hadn't considered before.

Larry I. (HR Mgr) - nationally recognized CE firm

George Martin always provides high quality, technically solid candidates that are a good fit for your organization. He specializes in finding excellent long term employees who make valuable contributions to your business and who are a good match for your corporate culture. We've used him for our hiring needs and are very happy with the results. You won't waste time with any of George's recruits because he has carefully screened
them in a very thorough pre-interview process, saving hiring managers valuable time.

Wayne Young
Development Manager
Neptune Technology Group.


"I've known George Martin for six years both as a candidate and a client. He is very professional but also personable at the same time. George spends time getting to know his candidates particular needs & goals, which means that not only is he functioning as your recruiter, he's also looking out for your professional and personal concerns George has recruited in many different technical industries and has a broad range of recruiting expertise to meet any candidates or organizations needs. I have always had a positive recruiting experience working with George."

Kurt M. Z, MBA, PMP

"Mr. Martin was courteous, responsive, and up-front with me concerning potential employers. Most importantly he was discreet in his contact with me and kept my personal information confidential so as to not jeopardize my current employment. I never felt any pressure from Mr. Martin to pursue a position I didn't feel was a good fit for me."

Tom C., PE

"George was an invaluable source of advice and perspective for my recent upgrade in employment. George took the time to help me through the uneasy process of leaving one employer for another and helping me upgrade my pay, my professional future, and reach my potential. All the while he was a friend and confidant. Most head-hunters can place you in a new job, but for my time, needs, and professional development I would use none other than George Martin. His advice on preparations for the interview process, negotiating pay and benefits, accepting the offer and delivering the bad news to the old employer was spot-on and led me to the great position I am in now and expect to stay in for the long-term."

Michael A., P.E.
Environmental Engineer

Working with George has been a very positive experience for me. George took the time to learn my personal and professional needs. Armed with that knowledge, he was able to ensure a successful match between me and my employer. With his amazing networking skills, infinite contacts, and vast experience he quickly landed an interview for me. Within one week, I was employed with one of Fortune 100 best companies to work for doing what I love. I encourage anyone seeking employment to take advantage of all George has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

Danielle S., EIT

The entry level game programmer position you helped me get is going great. I am having a lot of fun and learning new things all at the same time. Truly this is the ground floor of my dream job, I really mean that. I just wanted to thank you again for the helping hand in finding this job and getting me in the door. This place eats up a lot of time but at least I love doing the work and how many people in the world can say that they actually look forward to working, but I am getting paid to do the very thing I did as a hobby throughout school...

Dan W.

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